3 ways a bookkeeper can help you speed up your job

The accounting world is getting bigger, more complex, and in much greater demand than it was a few years ago. That's why CPA firms sometimes can't cope with the workload generated by the industry and need an extra, expert hand that can help them relieve the small but demanding tasks that often take their time and attention away from more complex ones, such as customer service (the most important, without a doubt!). On this occasion, our blog is intended to guide you in knowing the main tasks that an expert bookkeeper, like the ones we have in our team, is in charge of so that you can trust them to us and you can dedicate yourself to perform the tasks in your area that you like to do the most.

Optimizing operational efficiency and focusing on core competencies are essential for sustained growth and client satisfaction. The importance of having a dedicated accountant to handle the intricate and time-consuming financial tasks of CPA firms cannot be overstated.

What does a bookkeeper do?

The main function of a bookkeeper is to provide accurate financial information about a client and/or their company. They also file tax returns and prepare annual financial reports that go to those clients to help them make financial decisions. Some bookkeepers go further and also develop accounting, tax, and financial strategies to get to a better port of call. It is a tax assessor who calculates the market value of all the properties in his jurisdiction, depending on the state and municipality where the property is located, that is why when buying a property, it is important that you carefully examine the applicable tax legislation.​

What are the tasks we can help you with at Bookkeeping Centrum?

1.-Creation and preparation of the annual report: This is one of our services that are most in demand during the last period of the year since the processes that need to be worked on during this period are demanding and require a team with the necessary expertise to carry them out.

2.-Enter client information: This is a task that may seem simple, but undoubtedly takes up a lot of time for whoever is performing it. Its importance is such that without this task it would be impossible to perform any other task in the accounting field. This ensures that financial records accurately reflect the company's transactions and activities. Accurate records are essential for financial reporting, decision-making, and compliance with accounting standards.

3.-Sales Tax: Dealing with sales tax is a crucial aspect of managing a company's financial transactions. Sales tax is an excise tax on the sale of goods and services. Its importance extends to both companies and governments.

In short, having a bookkeeper take on the heavy lifting of financial tasks allows CPA firms to optimize operations, improve service quality, and allocate resources more strategically. This collaborative approach furthers the firm's growth trajectory while ensuring that clients receive the highest level of expertise and attention. And best of all: with the help of a bookkeeper doing the tasks that take up most of your time, you can dedicate yourself completely to the personalized attention of your clients (which we know is what really makes the difference in the service of a CPA firm!).


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