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The origin of Bookkeeping Centrum comes from the
concern to make work easier for CPAs and their clients.

While we take care of the heavy lifting and time
consuming issues, our clients can use their time to strategize and to add value to your clients. This way, we team up with the CPA and always have their backs, while helping their businesses grow.


Team Oriented


Being a firm that optimizes CPA firms to support their accounting, bookkeeping, sales tax, and related issues. This is with the goal of increasing the CPA’s value and make time available for advisory services for their clients.


To perform with excellence the accounting process of each of our clients in a personalized manner, with the objective of preparing financial reports, generating accounting information and carrying out financial strategies with the following qualitative characteristics: reliable, relevant, understandable and comparable for decision making.


Why Choose Us?

We take care of 100% of your back-office work we have your back, and we provide reliable financial expertise and support to ensure your business’s success.
We deliver personalized services that cater to the specific accounting requirements of each client, ensuring maximum value and satisfaction.
We contact your clients and take care of all the paperwork to request information from them, so you can focus on receiving the financial reports and serving them in the best way possible.
We are constantly improving our processes to provide our clients with the most efficient and effective accounting solutions.
We speed up the heavy accounting workload for you, so you can focus on core business activities by efficiently managing your financial tasks and processes.

Our Team Of Experts

Introducing our trusted team! with years of experience and expertise, our dedicated 

professionals are committed to providing reliable financial services.
Trust our team to 
handle your accounting with utmost integrity. 

Rosa Alejandra
Mancilla Hernandez
Accounting Manager
Loth Elizaul
Hernandez Del Valle
Julio Cesar
Barcenas Teoba
Blanca Guadalupe
Lira Gonzalez
Payroll specialist
Rosa Monserrat
Montano Diaz
Maricruz Vasquez
Jose Ulises
Garrido Vega

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