At Bookkeeping Centrum, our team operates similarly to a Formula 1 pit crew. In an F1 race, every second counts and the pit crew plays a crucial role in the driver’s success. Similarly, in the financial world, every detail is important and our #TeamOfExperts ensures everything is in order.

In a pit crew, each member has a specific function, whether it’s changing tires, refueling, or adjusting the wing. Similarly, our Bookkeeping Centrum team has experts in different areas, such as accounting, taxes, payroll, and entity creation/maintenance.

With a focus on accuracy

We offer a wide range of bookkeeping services designed to meet the unique needs of your business, large or small. From accounts payable and receivable management to bank reconciliation and detailed financial reporting, our team of bookkeeping experts is here to provide you with efficient, customized solutions.


Our team is here for you. That’s why we take care of your business by doing bookkeeping services. This is vital for enabling accurate tracking of transactions, informed decision-making, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

This assists individuals, businesses, or organizations with their tax obligations specific to state and local jurisdictions. These services help ensure compliance with state and local tax laws, regulations, and reporting requirements. They may provide guidance on income tax, sales tax, property tax, payroll tax, and other taxes imposed at the state and local levels.

This service manages and handles the administrative tasks associated with employee compensation and payroll processing. It includes tasks such as calculating wages, deducting taxes and other withholdings, etc. Payroll services can also assist with filing payroll tax returns and handling related documentation.


It provides individuals or businesses with a comprehensive tool to organize the necessary information for preparing their annual tax returns. This workbook typically includes sections or worksheets to capture income, deductions, credits, and other relevant tax-related details.


Professional assistance is provided to individuals or businesses in the process of establishing and maintaining legal entities such as corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, or sole proprietorships. These services involve ongoing compliance management, such as annual reports, minutes preparation, and maintaining corporate records.

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